What is this website about?

a Financial Journey

Project Bull Run was made to help users get involved in the financial markets. It was made for personal reasons as well. Ian Fernando needed a central place to help him follow Youtubers, Read their Tweets, and Follow their Stocks.

Being an busy entrepreneur, Ian could not truly focus 100% in the market but understands that the market creates wealth all over the world.

With a Slack community to discuss options, stocks, and follow other Youtubers - it also allows like-minded hustlers to pass on opinions and discuss the potential of a stock.

Your environment is your success and Project Bull Run goal is to great wealth with others.

Slack Channel

PBR has a community Slack channel which anyone can join for free. It is about creating a community and discussing thoughts on the market and making sure everyone is up to date on their research.

Portfolio Bookmarks

The big benefit of PBR is our portfolio bookmark from Youtubers and Financial Influencers. The main purpose is to create a central place for users to do their quick research and have central resources for their favorite influencers.

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